FFA Jacket Organization

How do you keep all your jackets straight?

I know I have struggled with this for a while! I used to hang jackets in my shop coat hanger (smart idea right?), I have stored them folded in bookshelves and probably lost a few from just not knowing where they are!

So, I decided to get organized this year!

I purchased this portable wardrobe ($22) (only thing I would change is to get one with wheels like this one), hangers ($23 for 50) and clothing rack labels ($15 for 50)

After constructing my wardrobe I organized my male jackets on the left, and female jackets in the right. I have a hard time remembering what size is which, so I used the clothing rack labels to write the size on it (ex. 103-34). Once, i got them organizaed i realized I could use the dry erase marker to also write WHO borrowed my jacket. So, the students borrows the jacket, I write the name on the size label and when I am missing that jacket I know exactly who to ask.

This may not be the perfect solution, but it sure does beat showing up to a contest in a jacket that is covered in sawdust from the shop!

Check out the full video here!



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