Digital Escape Rooms (via Google Forms & OneNote)

Y’all reviewing in fun/new/inventive ways is my jam…

One day–I was begrudgingly stuck in the main building and stumbled upon a teacher doing a OneNote Escape Room. And let’s be honest, my Google Classroom loving eyes immediately rolled. But, I had nothing better to do at the time so I jumped in and joined the fun…

And it was fun! Not gonna lie—I wanted to beat everyone else and zoomed through the escape room and won the COVETED piece of fun sized candy (yas, high five)! After that, I knew I NEEDED to make my own for my classroom. So, after a few minute sit down session with our Media Specialist Extraordinaire, I made my first Escape Room to review my Animal Science Unit in Basic Ag.

After a little trouble shooting the day of (due to our network being crazy) I got it working, and let me tell you, the KIDS DID IT, and were ENGAGED… insert mind blowing here. Even the two partners I partnered up (and were so NOT INTO IT) were in it to win it!

Also, side bar, when making your escape room ABSOLUTELY make sure that you require them to do something WEIRD and CRAZY to win. Don’t just write “you win” have them DO SOMETHING. I had mine stand up and do the YMCA (HAHA)! A fellow Ag Teacher, Cole Andes (@bcandes87), had his kids sing WRECKING BALL to win, yassss. Definitely makes it more exciting and engaging!

And then THANK YOU to Lindsey O’Hara (@lindsey_ohara) for reaching out to me via Instagram to tell this GOOGLE LOVING person, that you can do the SAME THING with Google Forms. The game HAS CHANGED!

I have done BOTH, and they both were easy to do, but in my personal opinion Google Forms is more user friendly (take this with a grain of salt because I am just a google person).

So, without further ado… I present to you the YouTube videos that I used to help me make DIGITAL ESCAPE ROOMS…

HOW TO make a OneNote Escape Room By: Jill R

(This is PART 1, make sure you watch Parts 2-4 as well)

HOW TO make a Google Form Escape Room (by: Dan Klumper)

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