You had me at free…FREE Easy Review Ideas

Reviewing is a staple in classrooms across America. We wonderful teachers (pat yourself on the back) spend usually at least one day a unit reviewing concepts so students can succeed on their assessments. But, we can DEFINITELY get stuck in a rut.

I remember exclusively using JEOPARDY when I first started teaching thinking it was the ONLY way to engage kids during review. WRONG-O Sarah.

So, here are some FREE Easy Review Ideas you can add to your arsenal of review activities!

#1-Goose Chase

Y’all. Seriously. Goose Chase is AWESOME. The free version you can have up to 5 teams and as many Goose Chases as you want! It is basically an online scavenger hunt. I have used this on field trips, introducing topics and reviewing for tests. It is SUPER SIMPLE to put together. Here is a link to one you I made!

#2-Google Forms/One Note Escape Rooms

I wrote a whole blog post about this which you can check out here. I have LOVED this tool. It is SO EASY to make, and it makes ENGAGEMENT so simple. Kids are seriously IN IT TO WIN IT. It is basically an escape room without locks, the locks are passwords that are embedded into the Google Form or One Note. Best thing, once you make it, you can use it OVER and OVER again!

#3-Quizlet Live

If you live Kahoot or Quizizz (also good review games), you will LOVE Quizlet Live. You can use any of your old quizlets (or let’s be honest, just search for one made by another teacher/student) and create a Quizlet Live. It RANDOMLY (so cool) puts kids into groups and they must WORK TOGETHER to look at a question (that pops up on their device) and find the answer because EACH STUDENT as a different set of answers on their devices. I tend to keep them in the same group for a round or two, then make them switch. Definitely adds MOVEMENT to the classroom. Here is a Quizlet I made on FFA/Leadership, feel free to use this one to try out Quizlet Live.

#4-Around the room review

Hide random questions around the room (under desks, on ceiling, on the wall etc.) then give the students a worksheet (or have them just write on a piece of notebook paper) and have the WRITE THE QUESTION and the ANSWER. It provides MOVEMENT (again)! You could basically take ANY of your old worksheet reviews and just paste the questions around the room and have a whole new take on review. I got this idea from Mrs. Marte.

#5-Canva Flyer

I love CANVA, I use it a lot to make social media posts. But, there are also templates for normal printer sized paper. I have had students make a comprehensive flyer over ALL we learned in a unit using Canva. Don’t have enough devices? You can put them in groups to work together or they can do it the old-fashioned way with paper and writing utensils! Provides a creative side to review.

Well, there you have it. Just a few ideas to add some creativity to your review activities.

What other COOL ideas do you have?


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