Happy 2019


It’s here.

Maybe you are in a place that says “THANK GOSH 2018 is over” or maybe “Man, 2018 was the BEST year ever”.

Regardless of where you are on that spectrum, I am here to say that 2019 can be different. It can be better than you BEST year. You can make today better than yesterday regardless of circumstances.

I am cheering for you!

Now, if you are a teacher…enjoy the last few days of freedom before chaos begins again but before you leave…

Remember that you ARE making a difference, it doesn’t matter if you feel like you are just treading water to stay afloat each day or you are swimming through the year like Michael Phelps. There is SOMEONE in your class, maybe it is just one, that looks up to you, loves coming to your class, and thinks of you as a mentor. And that my friends, is a WIN. Keep showing up for that kid.

Happy New Year friends, happy to be on this ride with you…


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