One Word 2019

Y’all I loved this.

Recently on the ‘gram I have been seeing people post their #oneword365 for 2019. Basically it is the ONE WORD they want to focus on in 2019. This word should be able to be applied to all parts of life (career, school, family, relationships, health etc.)

After seeing it I KNEW I needed to do this with my students. But, any old worksheet just won’t do this justice! This is a BIG DEAL so it needed to be more that JUST an activity.

So, after thinking and seeing some other ideas similar to this online (like All About Me banners) I decided to make my own 🙂

And thus, the One Word Banner was made.


On the back side are prompts to run through with the kids. Step 1: Brainstorm as many words as you can that will embody 2019. Step 2: Circle THREE that you like the most and write why you could see that as your ONE WORD. Step 3: Pick ONE WORD and explain why that one is the best for you in 2019. Step 4: On the other (blank) side creatively design your ONE WORD for 2019.

After they were done I decided to hang them on my personal growth wall (I have the FFA mission on the different walls of my room).


It was a GREAT activity that the kids took seriously and I love how for the rest of the semester they will be able to SEE their personal WORD day in and day out!

Wanna try it out? Here is a link to the document!

If you try it out with your students make sure you tag @agteacherhowtos so I can see the awesomeness your students create!

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