GERMINATE Virtual Summer Conference COMING SOON!

I’ve sat through countless professional development sessions (haven’t we all)?!

I’ve presented countless professional development sessions, some good, some lack luster.

I’ve sat through countless professional development days where I felt like NOTHING actually related to my classroom, my students, my pathway.

So, I decided WE, the agriculture teachers ACROSS the nation needed something for US.

I have been LUCKY to go to NAAE and National FFA Convention and learn from AMAZING agriculture teachers from other states. But, some school systems will not allow their teachers to attend conferences like that. How are they getting served? Are they sitting in PD sessions that don’t relate?

So why not invite the BEST of the BEST to create sessions for EMERGING agriculture teachers in the stuff we actually want to know about…..FFA, SAE and CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION!

Thus, GERMINATE was born!

This virtual conference will be hosted ONLINE, with recorded sessions all with a TAKEAWAY (worksheet, PPT, lesson plan etc.) from some of the best ag teachers from Alaska to the U.S Virgin Islands and Maine to Hawaii and EVERYWHERE in between!

Are you as excited as I am?

Are you interested in speaking? Check the application out, speaker applications CLOSE April 17. Do you know someone who would be AWESOME for this? Send them the application. Or go ahead and look at it, I have surveyed my people and picked the most common PAIN POINTS for emerging ag teachers to speak to at the conference.

Have questions? Contact me here!

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