Quick How To-Heads or Tails

Shout out to my friends over at MALAD FFA Chapter in Idaho for this HOW TO!

While at Idaho FFA Convention, Malad FFA posted an Instastory (I learn so much from Instastories, I am pretty sure I like stories better than the feed) about a pre-session activity their state officer did to pass time called…


Super simple, no muss, no fuss, no equipment (but a coin) needed.

Step 1: Get everyone with you to stand up

Step 2: Tell them to pick HEADS or TAILS, by putting their hands on their head or tail.

Step 3: Flip the coin, announce HEADS or TAILS

Step 4: All those who picked incorrectly sit down

Step 5: Continue until you have two people left. Finish like a coin toss for a game.

Step 6: Celebrate the winner!

I can totally see implementing this is some “downtime” during FFA meetings or activities!

Do you have any quick group initiative ideas? Drop a comment below!

Stay G&G

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