Professional Development in your PJs

You heard that right…

This July you can show up to professional development in your PJs. Try doing that at your state teacher’s conference or next teacher work day at school.

GERMINATE Virtual Summer Conference is right around the corner, July 10-12, 2019 to be exact. GERMINATE will allow you to experience sessions from teachers ACROSS the nation from the comfort of your own home, in your own time, at your own pace.

That’s right!

No need to ask a presenter to repeat something they said too fast, or clicked through their slides too quickly. Just pause and rewind, baby!

All sessions will be prerecorded and uploaded on the conference site. After you register, you can log in during the conference and get #allthewisdom from the ag teacher presenters.

Sessions will be geared around the three circle model: FFA, SAE, and CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION.


And guess what, it is only $35! Yup, that’s right, ALL the sessions, ALL the handouts, and NONE of the traveling, hotel fees, eating our every meal and sitting through sessions you might not want to. YOU pick an choose 🙂

OR if you are busy during the dates of the conference (I get it) you can purchase the all access pass which gets you all the sessions FOR-EV-ER. Yup, FOR-EV-ER!

It is going to be EPIC. Join us! Register HERE!

Can’t wait to begin to grow with you.


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