End of the year ideas

I feel like the last few weeks of the school year are a marathon sprint.

Doesn’t make much sense eh? Well, I mean that it seems SO LONG, but you have to get everything done in record speed, like a marathon sprint.

So, to help you out. Here are a few ideas you can implement quickly and easily during this crazy end of the school year season!

Check out FOUR end of the year ideas below (some with links)!



Yup, a course reflection.
Why? The kids give you their honest opinion (seriously, high schoolers don’t hold back) and you can keep them busy with a great activity that reminds them about all they learned AND in turn you get feedback on how to improve your class next year…I’d say that is a win win!
Do it anyway you want! If you need help, click below for my COURSE REFLECTION PAPER resource that I use EVERY year with my classes.


I know a LOT of you do this already.
I absolutely love learning about students SAEs at the end of the year, especially with my newbie aggies.
I have my students do a three-day long expo. They all have to present their SAE to the class, but can choose to so a SPEECH, HANDS-ON DEMONSTRATION or a FAIR BOARD.
The kids choose what feels right for them.

Click below for access to the free document I share with my kiddos!

I have seriously LOVED having teacher 1-on-1 meetings with my kids. Just this week I met with a student who in January wanted to get a job and I helped her with the application, then in March we met and she had gotten the job and her first paycheck. Then this week she told me she got a promotion! How amazing! I love seeing that growth.
Even if you haven’t met periodically with your students, you could have a end of year meeting just to check in with them. I really think this builds rapport with your students and allows you to really engage with them.
Check out the Teacher Meeting Sheet I use. Feel free to make a copy and edit for your needs!

If you use the AET, you can easily have students turn in a complete record book report for part of their final activities in class. Students will have to ensure that they did SAE descriptions, plans, time investments, pictures, captions etc. Once completed the AET makes a PDF for them that they can print and give to you or submit as a PDF online. Easy peasy! Added bonus, this allows you to evaluate who looks like they are getting to the point to submit a proficiency or state degree!

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