I did a thing…again

So, this fall after a few students found my teacher insta (eye roll here) some of them said, “Why don’t you start a podcast?”

Haha, me? A podcast? Nope. I already have like a billion things on my plate from First Friday Webinars, to the Green & Growing Mastermind, to Teachers Pay Teachers, to Germinate and more…not to mention teaching.

But, as the fall turned to winter and winter turned to summer (did that on purpose, spring doesn’t exist in Georgia), I couldn’t get it off my mind. I thought maybe I need to be doing this because it is on my heart and won’t go away.

So of course I needed to think about how this will work.

First off, First Friday Webinars will be going away. I know, I hear you my loyal FFW watchers. But, that content was hard to capture and post and find for others to utilize. A podcast on the other hand…it will be there for-ev-er and easy to navigate to episodes and show notes.

Secondly, I am a busy wife, mama and teacher. It is hard for me to sit down for thirty minutes attached to a computer with video and audio (that may/may not freak you out). But, a podcast on the other hand, I can listen to that as I make dinner while my kiddos play in the playroom. Or I can listen to in the car, at Starbucks or during planning. Anytime seriously, whatever fits your schedule, you can get that content.

And third, you know my mission is to help ag teachers grow personally and professionally. While I know not everyone is up on podcasts, I can share these more easily to those not on the up and up through Facebook, Instagram, email lists and more.

So, all that said.

Welcome to the Green & Growing Podcast.

Episode 1 is here!

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