Podcasts I LOVE

So, obviously I love podcasts.

I even decided to start my own as a way to provide quick and easy ….

But, since I started listening to podcast about 6 months ago, I look forward to the times that I am stuck in the car for longer than 5 minutes (I live 5 minutes from everything) so I can listen to these killer podcast.

Sharing my favorites so you can HOP on an join along!

Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration are my GO to topics. In no particular order, here are my go-to’s.

Ag with Mrs. Wedger

You gotta love an ag teacher specific podcast. I mean come on. For Ag Teachers, by an AWESOME Ag Teacher. Hannah is a teacher from Minnesota and has already made such an impact on my life through instagram and the podcast. I am thankful for her stepping up to fill the space for ag teachers on the soundwaves.

Go-Getter’s Podcast

Another teacher who I love. Kayse Morris is a teach turned Go-Getter who is CRUSHING the Teachers Pay Teachers space and gives SO MUCH awesome content on how to be a teacher and a side hustler. And I know a lot of you have those side hustles, and she speaks with teachers on her mind and heart and you just fall in love with her. I am a BIG fan!

Created for Experience

Billy Boughey is the Founder of Elevate Experiences. He spoke at an FFA event this past year and I haven’t stopped following everything Elevate since. They provide such amazing content on how to make experiences AMAZING. He interviews amazing entrepreneurs and gets down to the core of their story. It is inspirational and educational and I have loved all the episodes so far.


Rachel. Hollis. Enough said right? Rachel’s mission is to share her expertise to the world to help women live their best lives through living their dreams. She has amazing guest speakers and you can take away so much value for your life through inspiration.

Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher makes you feel like she is your best friend in the Goal Digger Podcast. She drops so much knowledge for you Goal Diggers/Entrepreneurs through her own expertise and amazing guest speakers. She is so real and shares her life which makes you love her so much more.

Marketing Personalities

I am a leadership/personality style JUNKIE. With a Master’s degree in Leadership I cannot get enough of learning about myself through all the things. I met Brit through our public speaking group (more on that below) and just LOVED her mission. She takes all the knowledge from Myers Briggs Type Indicators (you know like those 4 letters INFP, ESTJ etc.) and shows you how to leverage that in your business. I have learned a lot about myself through all her content. Check out her podcast, then hop on over to her website and check out my affiliate link.

The Creative Speaker Podcast

Jess Rasdall, I don’t even know how I stumbled upon her on the Instagram but I am so thankful I did. She started out as a motivational speaker and know is a public speaking coach for creative entrepreneurs. Now, at first I didn’t think I “fit” as a creative, but think about teaching. That is SO CREATIVE, I mean lesson planning! You gotta get creative and reinvent constantly to keep those kids engaged. So, you can get such good ideas about speaking which has helped me be a better at providing professional development. So check her out!

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