Things I am LOVING-Gearing up (my brain) for School Edition

Alright y’all you can’t avoid it any longer.

You walk into any store and you see it…


Backpacks, school supplies, jazzy new outfits and more.

But, instead of DREADING let’s CELEBRATE with some of the things I am loving for BACK TO SCHOOL.

(Not gonna lie, I LOVE BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING, as a kid it was the only type of shopping I liked!)

So here ya go! Here are some of my favorite things right now!

#1-Teachers Pay Teachers *SALE for MY SHOP on TPT July 29,Aug 1!

Why? I am all about being FOR teachers. Why not support some while making my life a little bit easier. That’s what we want, isn’t it? So here are some of my favorite resources I have purchased (or free downloads) from TPT!

First Day Activities from Write on With Miss G (Investigate the Teacher and Back to School Stations)

Start Up Notebooks (my resource) Saves me 5 minutes EVERYDAY (That’s 900 minutes a school year, 15 HOURS over the school year I have saved by banking all my start ups (bell-ringers) for a year and reusing them year after year.

Project Ideas, Creed Project, Sub Plans, and MORE.

Growth Mindset Bundle from The Superhero Teacher ( I use this in my leadership class)

#2 Perfectly Planned Planner by ATD

One-She is a BALLING middle school ag teacher that I am thankful to call friend. My planner is customized to what I want. I don’t add the FFA pages because I make officer notebooks, but I do add the lesson planning pages because I plan all the things on paper first. This is QUALITY stuff my friends!

#3 One Less Thing

If you haven’t checked out One Less Thing, you should. They are two ag teachers who have created amazing resources for the ag classroom. I personally have their Basic Ag curriculum and it SAVED me my first year teaching in a new state. I love to pick and choose lessons from that curriculum to enhance my content knowledge on areas I’m not super confident. If you are a new teacher, this is a MUST. You can purchase with school funds too!

#4 Teacher Care Crate

Y’all the amount of LOVE teachers have for this company is amazing. I got my first care crate this summer and it was plant themed, and seriously LOVED IT ALL. I mean my whole life is green & growing so give my a palm headband, growth sticker, plant themed notepad, and keep growing print for my desk…I’M SOLD. These crates are easy to gift to a friend or to gift to yourself! The August theme is back to school. You can check her out on Instagram too!

#5 My Ag Teacher Community

I thrive on personal connections and communication. I have absolutely loved growing this past year with a community of ag teachers moving toward growth. I love this Black Panther Quote that says “just because something works, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.” But, don’t take my word for it. Hear what some people involved in the G&G Mastermind and GERMINATE attendees had to say

G&G Mastermind 

“It’s a great way to meet new ag teachers from across the states and collaborating on ideas, sharing stories, and swapping tricks of the trade without leaving the comfort of your house/school”

“I really loved the comradery across the country. We may all have been from different states, but we all have the same issues. PD always gets me pumped and keeps me from burning out throughout the school year.”

“G&G Mastermind truly helped me to connect to others in my field. It helped me to re-spark my flame after several years teaching; giving me new ideas, inspiring me to try new things, and to step out of my comfort zone.”

And guess what! We are starting up another round of G&G Mastermind soon! Stay tuned for more info soon!


“So thankful for this resource and excited to see this community grow together!”

“Great sessions! I liked how it was on your own. It’s hard scheduling PD in the summer so this was very beneficial. I also liked hearing from teachers across the US.”

“Overall, this was a great experience and I would definitely do it again!”

Want to get in on these events? The G&G Mastermind is enrolling soon, check back here for an informational video . The next GERMINATE Virtual Conference will be THIS winter JANUARY 1-5, 2020, just in time for you to recharge those batteries for second semester.



Being the best teacher you can be by sharing with others is really what you want isn’t it?

*None of this is sponsored, just my honest opinion on products I love!

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