Feed yourself

A few weeks ago I was in church and this message HIT ME.

While, you can associate this with spiritual thoughts I am going to focus on GROWTH.

How many times have you thought one or more of the following?

If only I was better at (fill in the blank).

I wish they had taught me that in school.

I should take more time to work on me.

I need to find some work life balance.

I wish I could be like (fill in the blank).

Guess what the common theme is…


You are standing in your own way. You are putting the responsibility of your growth on someone else, or worse, you are putting it on you and you are failing to show up for yourself.

You have to feed yourself.

YOU have to pick up the fork and feed yourself.

I you want to be better at a certain subject, I can bet there is a YouTube video explaining exactly how to do that skill, or a professor at the local college who would walk you through it, or a person in industry who would take the time to mentor you.

But, what is the connection to those solutions…YOU!

YouTube, professors, industry professionals, fellow teachers down the road or on Instagram DON’T KNOW YOU NEED HELP, only YOU DO. And until you get out of your own way, no one will.

You gotta pick up that fork, maybe that fork is humility to raise you hand and say “Yes, I need help in this area and I’m not ashamed to say so”

Maybe that fork is acceptance that you need to start putting yourself first. Acceptance that if you care about yourself you can care even more deeply for those around you.

Maybe that fork is forgiveness that you let go of those past failures in the classroom or life. And you forgive yourself and move onto the next challenge.

You have to feed yourself the things you want.

No one else can do it for you.

So pick up the fork. And feed yourself.

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