Digital Learning Resources

In the midst of COVID-19 a lot of teachers are looking at a few weeks (at minimum) of digital learning.

If you are like me, you were caught off guard this week. I wanted to help in anyway possible. I went through the GERMINATE Virtual Conference Archieves and pur together all the information I believe can help agriculture teachers learn different ways to provide quality instruction to their students via digital learning.

All of the content is housed on TEACHABLE, the same site that the GERMINATE Virtual Conferences are housed. EVERYTHING in the Digital Learning Resources “course” are free. Use, share, re-use, re-share.

This is where the “community” part of the Green & Growing Education mission statement comes in. This is about providing all students the best instruction we can in the circumstances.

Now is the time to love our neighbors, by protecting our neighbors.

Here is the link for you to join the totally 100% free DIGITAL LEARNING RESOURCES from Green & Growing Education.

I am pulling for you, always ❤

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