Into the unknown

It feels like this upcoming school year we are walking…

(Cue Elsa)


Ooooo oooo ooo ooo

There may be a way for you to feel more peace this upcoming school year.

Leaning into the unknown creates momentum

And what that means to you is will move forward with confidence

And the real value is you will feel more peace. 

I just read an article from an An FBI agent of 25 years who said “If you want to increase safety, you must move toward the challenge.” She said when confronted with the unknown out brain goes into fight, flight, or freeze mode. Which releases hormones like cortisol which turn on “survival mode”. When you lean into the challenge with calm you reduce your cortisol levels so your brain can focus on prefrontal cortex jobs like planning and decision making.

And being able to move forward is what you want right?

Here is a place to start.

Join the GERMINATE Virtual Conferences this week. Over 850 registered agriculture education teachers, for 30 pre-recorded sessions from current agriculture teachers in the topics of FFA, SAE and Classroom Instruction.

Pouring into your teacher cup now will help you take one confident step into the unknown.

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