Teacher Confidence

I wish I was more confident in the classroom.

Don’t we all?

There is something deep down you know you wish to change. Maybe it’s classroom management Maybe it’s a particular skill you teach Maybe it’s feeling alone Whatever it is, there is a way to level up your teacher confidence!

What is teacher confidence? “teachers confidence in their ability to promote students’ learning” Hoy, 2000.

Here are 4️⃣ ways to level up your confidence this year All quotes from Tschannen-Moran, Woolfolk-Hoy, and Hoy, 1998.

1️⃣ MAINTAIN A POSITIVE ATTITUDE ➕ “Feelings of relaxation and positive emotions signal self-assurance and the anticipation of future success”

How do you do it? Reframe your response to a “failure” or “mistake” to say “Good.” Find the good in all things.

2️⃣ FIND ENCOURAGING TEACHER FRIENDS 👯‍♂️ “Social persuasion can contribute to successful performances”

How do you do it? Make new friends in your school, county, region, state, nation that you can chat/text/DM when you need to talk!

3️⃣ OBSERVE OTHERS 👓 “Watching others teach in skillful and adept ways—can access t the observer’s personal teaching competence”

How do you do it? GET out of your classroom! Knock of the classroom door 🚪 next door and ask to watch for 10 minutes! (Virtually-same thing, email an exceptional teacher in your school to sit in on their lecture!)

4️⃣ BE ADVENTUROUS 🧗🏽‍♀️ “Mastery or enacting (actually doing it) experiences are the most powerful source of efficacy information”

How do you do it? Try new things, test out a new technique, no a new review activity, create a new attention-getter etc.

So, which of the 4️⃣ are you going to try this year? Let me know⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Want a deeper dive into teacher confidence? Check out the latest episode of the Green & Growing Podcast.

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