FFA Inquiry Unit

There may be a way for your students to understand the WHY of FFA without speaking one fact about it to your students.


If you have been following along on instagram I have been chronicling my FFA Unit in my Basic Ag Classes. And A LOT of people wanted in, so here you go….

Link to LESSON PLAN: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1faiMCpUFkgyD_Zou_Q37bfSEaHU2Akg2XwkidoHYSxA/copy

Link to CSI WORKSHEET: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eDYj1G2sJ_AwhNW3uUby5UC53OoCDOE7_pzDBBPGODk/copy

Here is the LOWDOWN Day-by-Day


Classroom Scene Investigation

Step 1: Record clues (item you found), evidence (what it means) 

Virtual Edition: Use www.ffa.org and www.gaaged.org as your “Crime Scenes” * to add more rows, RIGHT CLICK on a row, then CLICK Insert Row Above/Below (fill out the FIRST Table with Clues & Evidence)

In-Person Edition: Let students walk around your room finding clues about FFA (awards, trophies, posters, pictures etc.) 

Step 2:  You are charged to become the EXPERT (According to the Oxford Dictionary an expert is “a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.”) on FFA. Start with figuring out the 5 W’s and H using any resources you can find (including the ones you used above) FIll out the second table 5 W’s & H. 


FFA Pitch Project

Now that you have put on your expert hats, I need you to think like the National FFA CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Mark Poeschl. He was just approached by a HUGE company let’s say your favorite company (ex. Apple, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Nike etc.) because WHY NOT! To become a potential sponsor of FFA, but they have NO IDEA what it is. You need to come up with a PITCH about why that company should sponsor National FFA. Make sure you know #allthethings because you are the CEO so you are the EXPERT on this topic.

Virtual Edition: You can assign individually or groups (if you can manage them easily) have them present in class or record on FlipGrid (Fun tip: students can screen share on FlipGrid so you can see their PPT)

In-Person Edition: You can assign individually or groups. Have them present in front of the class. I also have added a day for the groups to practice present to other groups for feedback. 

DAY 2 Activities: Pick company

Research FFA & company (you chose) mission/values

Continue to research WHY the company you chose should invest in FFA

-Introduction (find common connections between FFA & your company)

-Main Point 1 (choose a main reason WHY your company should invest in FFA)

-Main Point 2 (another point)

-Close (summarize what you said, and ask for the support) 

Day 3 Activities: Start your script (scratch paper) & PowerPoint (Post a Template for your students to edit)

Day 4 Activities: Record & Turn in FlipGrid (screen share your PowerPoint) Grade using rubric (see lesson plan)

Day 5 Activities: Reflection Activity

Virtual Edition-Prompt questions in the chat or make a shareable google doc/word doc for students to put their thoughts-think a virtual gallery walk 

In-person Edition-After Pitch Day set up Reflection Stations-6-8 stations (30-40 minutes) (Ex. Meet with Teacher, What was the best part of Pitch Day, What was the worst part of the Pitch Day, What would you/your team do differently next time, What was one thing that really stood out to you about another presentation, What do you feel about FFA now, What questions do you still have about FFA? Write a THANK YOU NOTE to judges)

-Give students 5 minutes per station, have them fill out a reflection document and turn it

Enjoy friend! 

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