Germinate Virtual Conference: Winter Edition 2020

GERMINATE Virtual Conference: Winter Edition 2020

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*All sessions open at 8 a.m. Jan 1, 2020*

GERMINATE Virtual Conference

Winter Edition 2020

*All sessions open at 8 a.m. Jan 1, 2020*

Session TitleSpeaker, State
Grow it, Eat it, Love it!Taylor Apple, NC
The Three E’s about Elementary Ag: Exciting, Enthusiastic and EASY!Bailey Coats, SD
Making Social Media Work for You, Not Against You.Caitlyn Danka, PA
The Keys to Classroom Strategies: Notebooks, Paperless, & Digital PlatformsAlyssa Davies, OR
Little Known Ways to Keep It All Together: Organizing Your SpaceAlyssa Davies, OR
Marketing & Branding Your FFA ChapterSkyler Davis, GA
Keeping UP with the DemandsRyan Deaver, CA
Putting Science back into the Ag Science/Basic Ag Classroom Kelsey deJong, CA
The Voice. . . .Google VoiceKarie Dillinger, OK
Writing Winning GrantsCecily Gunter, GA
It’s All About the MoneyMcKenzie Ivory, DE
School-Based BusinessesSarah Jo Jones, VA
Beyond the Plant Sale: Ideas for Year Round Greenhouse InstructionDakota Martin, GA
How to Use Google Drive to Keep Your Ag Ed Program and FFA Chapter OrganizedJosette Nebaker, ID
Back for more? Inquiry Based Learning the easy waySarah Nerswick, GA
Student Teacher Success Sarah Nerswick, GA
Evaluations: what they are really looking forSarah Nerswick, GA
Suburban FFA Chapters: Where’s Your “Cash Cow?”Lee Petitgout, SC
BUDS-Building Unique Designs by StudentsCatrina Pollard, GA
What’s the buzz? Keeping bees at school and in the curriculum. Marcus Pollard, GA
Small Animal SAEs for non-traditional Ag students Lily Pruitt, TX
Going next level with NearPodHeather Pulley, IL
Making Middle School Ag Magical!Emily Reed, MO
Building Bridges of Leaders with your FFA OfficersLori Sanderson, WA
Utilizing Different Instructional Techniques within the Agriculture ClassroomHope Sorrells, TX
The Co-Teaching Format That Works for Me!Kara Sybrant, NE
Keeping Students Moving in Your Floral Classes all Year Around!Lacy Trunnell, CA
Podcasting: A tool to engage your students in assessment and beyondHannah Wedger, MN
Mindfulness in Your ClassroomHannah Wedger, MN
Vet Science HacksAshley White, GA

Session Descriptions

*All sessions open at 8 a.m. Jan 1, 2020*

Session TitleSession Description
Grow it, Eat it, Love it!Learn how to share the love of not only eating food but growing it too!
The Three E’s about Elementary Ag: Exciting, Enthusiastic and EASY!Planning an outreach program with elementary students for FFA Week? Hoping to start an after school program with elementary students? Do you have FFA students that want to start an SAE project teaching elementary students about agriculture? This session covers topics, easy activities and genius ideas that can be implemented into any elementary classroom setting!
Making Social Media Work for You, Not Against You.The ever controversial topic of students and social media. We all know that kids these days are incredibly technology savvy and they are more likely to connect digitally than in person. Crazy, right?! Kids spend hours every day surfing social media, liking posts, memorizing tic-tok dances, and sharing the day to day with those willing to tune in.In this session, we will look at ways to use social media to extend our classrooms and even connect the future of agriculture with the “agvocates” currently creating a their own digital footprint. Kids are going to use social media, lets help them use it as a tool and a resource to get the most out of their time spent surfing through their news feed.
The Keys to Classroom Strategies: Notebooks, Paperless, & Digital PlatformsWant to be paperless but your students aren’t grasping routines properly? Hoping to have beautiful interactive notebooks and structured lab notebooks, but they just aren’t turning out how you’s hoped? Let’s dive into my struggles and successes and see how we can use digital platforms like Google Classroom to make the Lab Notebook a successful endeavor for you and your students.
Little Known Ways to Keep It All Together: Organizing Your SpaceDid you walk into a classroom space that was filled with someone else’s things? Do you teach lots of hands on labs that require a lot of supplies? Ever go to a curriculum training and see all the needed materials and have a minor panic attack on how you will fit them in your classroom? Yep, me too. Let me help you peel back the layers and see if I can help you tackle the organization part of making these things a reality in your space. I will share tangible timelines, material lists, and show you examples of how to get it all under control and keep it all together.
Marketing & Branding Your FFA ChapterAsk yourself this question… “If you’re not tooting your own horn, then who is?” This session is designed to help you become a more effective at the marketing and branding of your FFA program to students, parents and community members.
Keeping UP with the DemandsThis session is about keeping up with the demands that so many of us deal with as Ag Teachers. From teaching up to 6 different subjects, to managing a prep period and dealing with the changes that admin make sometimes. Oh and don’t forget about those fair animal projects, officer teams, summer retreats, vine pruning teams, opening and closing and so much more. I hope that this helps those new teachers struggling to find a way to handle everything and maybe gives some advice to our more veteran teachers about ways they could make things easier.
Putting Science back into the Ag Science/Basic Ag Classroom I would like to speak about putting the scientific method and simple lab projects back into the basic ag classroom. I feel like this is something that I struggled with as a beginning agriculture educator and felt like I needed to get them the information but didn’t know how to make it “fun” without costing a fortune. 
The Voice. . . .Google VoiceRing, Ring! No, it’s not celebrity judge Blake Shelton or Kelly Clarkson calling to ask you to be on their reality tv show team. It’s a frustrated parent who wants to “vent” at 8pm or a senior with a question you’ve answered in class a dozen times. For all four years they’ve been in your program!
Do you cringe when the phone rings? Do you daydream about having a personal assistant to screen your calls? Do you ever get tired of being the messenger between the public & your teaching partner(s)? Well, I’ve got the answer for you! And its FREE! This session will get you started with Google Voice.
Writing Winning GrantsDo you struggle with finding ways to fund your ideas? If so, this session is for you! Learn tips and tricks to writing grants to fund any and every kind of project imaginable! This session will also give you examples of winning grants, grant ideas and sources for finding grants in the future.
It’s All About the MoneyAs a first year teacher I started out with almost nothing in our FFA account on top of taking six students to National FFA Convention that October. I had to come up with creative ways to fundraise for our FFA chapter. This session is all about taking the “famous” FFA fundraisers you already have established and making them more profitable. I will teach you my tips and tricks to my most profitable fundraiser of the year that made my chapter $6500.00 in three hours!
School-Based BusinessesIn this session we will explore starting school-based businesses that will help you raise funds for your program, teach competencies, provide SAE opportunities, and support building community relationships. Participants will take away a summary business model for a general store, florist, and doggy day-care and grooming service.
Beyond the Plant Sale: Ideas for Year Round Greenhouse InstructionThis session will expose participants to ideas of how to utilize an existing greenhouse or cold frame to for instruction year round learning rather than for just a plant sale fundraiser. 
How to Use Google Drive to Keep Your Ag Ed Program and FFA Chapter OrganizedOpening up my Google Drive for you all to see, and sharing successes of utilizing the tools of Google Drive to help make our chaotic career a little less stressful and giving students ownership of FFA Chapter files
Back for more? Inquiry Based Learning the easy wayAfter the first installment of It is not as scary as it sounds-Inquiry Based Learning at GERMINATE Summer 2019, come back for more on how YOU can implement it in ANY class, in ANY unit, EVEN FFA or EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS!
Student Teacher Success Are you walking into student teaching this spring? Look no further than this session to get the tips and tricks from mentor teachers who know how to get you to student teacher success!
Evaluations: what they are really looking forDo evaluations give you nervous sweats? No worries, here are some tips to make your next evaluation calm, cool, and collected!
Suburban FFA Chapters: Where’s Your “Cash Cow?”Have you struggled with inventive ways to fund those field trips, CDEs, & other FFA expenses? Fundraising for FFA chapters in suburban areas can be tricky, especially when most of the community has no formal ties to agriculture or FFA. While fruit sales & barbecues may work in rural settings, there are real challenges to these fundraisers in a suburban area. Join me to learn some creative methods of raising funds for your chapter through community-based fundraising which reap a harvest rich in diversity for your chapter.
BUDS-Building Unique Designs by StudentsIntroduce a monthly flower subscription to your agriculture program at little to no cost! I will give tips and create a simple design that people can use. I will share my flyers and my marketing techniques that can help you get your program up and going!
What’s the buzz? Keeping bees at school and in the curriculum. Learn how I utilize bees at school in my classes. Discussions about applicability, feasibility, student interests, and of course safety. 
Small Animal SAEs for non-traditional Ag students I will share tips and tricks of how to recruit non traditional Ag students to raise and show small animals. I’ll focus on breeding and market rabbits and market broilers but also discuss show cavies and poultry. How to manage and supervise this projects will also be covered.
Going next level with NearPodWant to take your presentations to the next level? Struggling to engage students during lecture? Nearpod can help you do just that! During this session, I will walk you through the many exciting features Nearpod has available and how to create your own Nearpod presentations. You can even use powerpoint and Google Slide presentations you already have – no need to start from scratch! Let me help you take your presentations to the next level!
Making Middle School Ag Magical!Are you in a rut teaching middle school? Wondering where to go and what to teach? If you were anything like me my first year teaching, middle school was something that I dreaded. Learn about how to transform your middle school curriculum to complete hands-on learning, including labs, activities, and mini lessons that ditch the powerpoint and lecture and interest middle school students at their level.
Building Bridges of Leaders with your FFA OfficersHow do you help your officers build strong bonds for a successful year of service? How do you help bridge gaps between students who do not know one another or have had previous issues with one another? Giving your officers tools to lead and work together are one of the building blocks of success for an FFA Chapter. In this session, we will discuss ways to help your students build a bond that will support the task of leading their co-members through a great year of FFA. Topics include Officer Retreats, Officer Workshops, Bonding, and Building.
Utilizing Different Instructional Techniques within the Agriculture ClassroomIn today’s world, teachers are having to be more innovative as they travel with the ever-changing technological world. However, school budgets and funding sometimes aren’t available for every student to become fully engaged with some form of technology and it is vital that we can engage them even if we are limited in our resources. This session we will discuss how you can utilize different instructional techniques which will alter the engagement of your classroom. These techniques will focus less on technology being the key factor in your classroom and focus more on changing up the dynamics in the way you present information.
The Co-Teaching Format That Works for Me!I am a first year teacher at a school that just added a second instructor. Together, with my co-advisor, we have created an Excel document that helps us lesson plan by the quarter instead of scrambling at the end of each week to decide what’s going on. I will show you the format that we use, which is extremely effective at keeping junior high students engaged. I will also throw in a few of my favorite teacher organization hacks at the end of the presentation because they are life savers when I actually take the time to utilize them!
Keeping Students Moving in Your Floral Classes all Year Around!Feeling overwhelmed with how to do constant hands on learning in your floral classes but not sure how to manage or fund it? This session will help you with how to plan, organize and keep your sanity while giving you some creative lessons to help you continue hands on floral labs throughout the year. I will share tips and tricks on how I organize and manage my classroom floral shop, supplies and orders as well as how we can afford to do it!
Podcasting: A tool to engage your students in assessment and beyondYep. All of those things. Learn how to use podcasts as a tool in your classroom to assist and support learning, as a way to assess student learning and much much more.
Mindfulness in Your ClassroomBeing in high school can be tough. Like really tough. There are so many expectations from parents, friends, coaches and teachers it’s no wonder students struggle from time to time. Learn how to bring some mindfulness techniques into your classroom to support students mental health.
Vet Science HacksTeach Vet Science but don’t have an unlimited budget? There are many ways to provide hands on learning for your students in Vet class while on a budget. We will discuss doggy day care, hands on labs and different ways to acquire materials to reinforce Veterinary skills in the classroom.

Total Contact Hours (Continuing Education) 7 Hours

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