All About the Green & Growing MASTERMIND

Never heard of a Mastermind….Check this video out FIRST!

Alright, now you know a little bit about Masterminds…here are the details about the Green & Growing MASTERMIND!

This will be a group of Agriculture Education professionals (not limited to just teachers and not limited by LOCATION) with the goal of providing GOAL SETTING, BRAINSTORMING, SUPPORT, NETWORKING, and ACCOUNTABILITY.

Basically, my FAVORITE part of ANY meeting we have as ag teachers (national, state or locally) is when I get to sit down and chat with my colleagues BECAUSE we are loners. Even if we teach with 6 other ag teachers at our school, we probably each have our own preps, own responsibilities in FFA, and a different set of kids. IT IS HARD being in this business without a support group. I know our schools have PLC’s but a lot of times it doesn’t help us 😦 and a lot of times we might not want to share our struggles with our administration/bosses but WE NEED TO share with someone.

CUE, the Green & Growing MASTERMIND. Here are the details…

Green (1).jpg

GreenWe will “meet” virtually ONCE A MONTH. Once accepted to the Green & Growing MASTERMIND we will set a time that works for all parties (across TIME ZONES :))

Our first meeting will be in JANUARY 2019 and we will meet at least six times and will wrap-up in JUNE 2019. This is a trial MASTERMIND. We will start new SCHOOL YEAR LONG Masterminds in June 2019 to last until June 2020, and you will be able to apply for those as well. The cost is $50

Ok—now that you know all about it, time to apply! This helps me know more about you, your availability and wants out of this mastermind.

Seats are LIMITED and applications will close on Wednesday December 5th, announcement of participants will be no later than Monday December 10th.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about the mastermind.